About Tropical Dreams

Tropical Dreams serves “super-premium” ice cream. It is handmade with cream containing 18% butterfat and a low overrun. This means that less air is mixed in during the freezing process. The result is a true gourmet ice cream that is dense and very rich tasting. 












Seal of Quality

The Hawaii State Department of Agriculture has presented to us the state’s seal of quality. Only companies that manufacture or grow products using local ingredients have been given this endorsement. We are the only ice cream company in the state that has the seal of quality.


100% of our cream is produced by Big Island dairies. We use local fruit and actively collaborate with the Hawaii Tropical Fruit Grower’s Association. We do this in an effort to develop new flavors and increase the use of Big Island grown fruits. Super premium means it’s handmade with 18% butterfat, adding a rich and creamy texture you can taste. 


Tropical Dreams serves delicious, super-premium ice cream rich in flavor and thick in creaminess.  Our super-premium ice cream contains 10% air as opposed to the standard 40-60%, and the difference is noticeable after the first bite!


Tropical Dreams flavors are fresh and mouthwatering.  Imagination is truly the only limitation when it comes to our creative, original flavors.  We are always trying new flavor combinations which keep our super-premium ice cream selection new and exciting. Of course, we've got deep and intense chocolate and pure and delicious tahitian vanilla, but have you ever tasted toasted coconut ? Or mango lychee sorbet? Tropical Dreams Ice Cream offers over 100 flavors of super premium ice cream, gelato and sorbet all handmade on the big island. You'll never want ice cream from anywhere else!